One for the nerdiest of the bike nerds. The ECR gives you everything you might want in a 29er Mountain bike. Anything you want to strap to this thing, it will accept with open lugs and loving clearance space. You can bomb your favourite hill or trek over Peru and smile the entire time. "ECR" should stand for "Every Created Ride" but it doesn't. Actually, we don't know what it stands for, so it might.

Karate Monkey

The. Surly. 29er. Single speed, geared or even fixed for you lunatics out there, the Karate Monkey was one of the earliest 29er models offered by Surly. Not much has changed from it's original design, since it was as close to perfect as 29er can come. The Karate Monkey, hallow be thy name. Specs for the congregation.


An almost-fat bike, with a middle-child complex. Kind of a 29er, kind of a fat-bike the Krampus takes the good points of both. It has the flat traction the fat bikes rule, but with the speed and precision a 29er mountain bike offers its riders. It's like the best of both worlds without any compromise, as long as you like the colour green.

Instigator 2.0

Like your grade-nine gym teacher, the Instigator 2.0 is burly, tough and begs to be thrown down a hill. With plenty of clearance for whatever tire tickles your fancy, the Instigator 2.0 is for those who are not-too-dainty with there bikes. A little more technical than the usual 29er can give you, this one is for the hard-boiled eggs out there. Specs on fire.


This is Ogre, Troll’s big wheeled brother sister. Troll and Ogre offer the same ability to accommodate a wide array of drivetrains, brakes, and cargo-hauling accessories. The main difference is that Ogre runs on 29˝ wheels, the Troll on 26˝. Specs for the beast.

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