Big Dummy

If the Big Dummy were an animal it'd be a camel. But not a regular camel, like half-camel, have pick-up truck. Y'know, that kind of camel. The beauty of this thing is that it isn't an add-on, but actually built into the frame, giving extra stability for those long hauls--across the desert or elsewhere. Sun-bleached specs.


The Crosscheck is like Joe Pesci; it gets things done. With the usual ChroMoly frame that Surly specializes in, this bike is a great commuter, road-rider or all-around best bud. It can built up with virtually drive train you'd like, now, does that amuse you? Specs, nicely coiffed and lookin' fine.

Disc Trucker

Sometimes, only sometimes, we need to stop. While the regular LHT will allow you to do so with vigor, the Disc Trucker lends a little more stopping power for those heavier loads. How so? With disc breaks of course! But you knew that, didn't you? Specs, smarty-pants.

Long Haul Trucker

Like any real bicycle tour-ist will tell you, nothing beats CroMoly steel for long distance riding. The LHT has developed it's own devoted following of bug-spattered, head-wind hating, long-haulers. The regular LHT is equipped with 24" rims, which is helpful in those secluded areas when you lunch one of your rims on an Aztec ruin and need to find a new wheel pronto. Long trek specs.


A bike that eats up miles of road, but not your butt while doing it. It's fast, loves hills and is amazingly comfortable. A slightly more aggressive frame than the Crosscheck, the Pacer is for the roadie who understands the importance of staying-power, longevity and proper derriere health. The smoothest of smooth specs.

Crosscheck SS

Things that will last forever: that last hour of work, William Shatner and Single-speed drive trains. With this in mind, Surly brought out a Single Speed version of it popular Crosscheck complete. They also dropped the drop bars and gave it a straight bar, stock.For a longer-lasting, stupid-fun ride. Set phasers to specs.


Some say the Straggler is a Crosscheck with disc brakes mounts. Well, they're right. But that's not all, the Straggler also comes with newly designed drop-outs that allow single speed capabilities. Horizontal drop-outs that can be used for single speed drivetrains, it can't be! Oh, it is, and it's glorious. Specs, so you can catch up.


The child of Optimus Prime and a Swiss Army Knife, the Surly Troll can be whatever you want it to be. With a mountain bike geometry, horizontal drop-outs, plethora of mounting spots and a versatile disk brake mounting system, this bike can really be anything you want it to be. It's hard to remember it's just a bicycle. Specs, roll out!  

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