Little Trinkets

Early Racers cup

1930's CCM Oil

Spoke Threader

Vintage Rim Strip

Fun French Cycling Game

Penny Farthing Toy

Probably the coolest little toy we have.

Dunlop tube repair kit

European Front Fender Ornament

European Front Fender Ornament

Sturmey Archer Gear oil can

Dunlop Rubber Repair kit

Safety Reflector

Apollo 11 bell

Tire Repair tool

Oil Cans

Little oil cans, made of metal, just cool pieces of bicycle history.

Head Badges

Great mix of head badges, lots of different brands and eras

Name and Licence plates

Back in the days, you need a licence plate for your bike. Your name and address were on those plates, today we don't need them but very cool to have anyway. You never know what names you'll find in the tons we have !


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