Vitamin A

The Vitamin A is a commuter that really, really wants to be a road bike. Its light design, skinny tires and speedy drivetrain get you where you want to go comfortably, but without sacrificing any of the speed. Speedy specs.

Vitamin B

This step up from the Vitamin A, the Vitamin B comes with better components and better rims so you can be as hard as you want on this street shark. Made to go fast, but also versatile, all that is paved is your kingdom. Spectacular specs.

Ultra Sport 2.0

Streets? Any bike can handle a nice, flat, paved street. The Ultra Sport 2.0 can do that, but also doesn't shy away from rail trails and even the most temperamental gravel. Skinny tires to keep it quick, but also a front shock so your arms don't fall off when you pop a curb. Specs-tacles.

Ultra Sport 2.0 Ladies

A steeper downtube but with all the kick of the men's version. Good for the weekend warriors, urban commuters or rail-trail tackler, the Ultra Sport 2.0 Ladies is made to be versatile, sturdy and fun. And when its fun, you'll ride more. It's scientifically proven, maybe. Specs for science!

Ultra Sport 3.0

With great components come great lock up your bike. The Ultra Sport 3.0 is fun, but serious when it needs to be. For the rider who wants a relationship, not simply a fleeting fancy. A relationship between man and machine, rubber and road. A man and his bike, it's a beautiful thing. Beauty specs.

Ultra Sport 4.0

Hydraulic brakes, before you ask. That's the main difference stepping up from the Ultra Sport 3.0. Also, it's lighter, stronger, faster, can fly. Well, most of those things. The ultimate go-to do-mostly-anything bike. Specs? Check.

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