KHS BicyclesKHS manufactures road, track, mountain, tandem, folding, cruiser, and youth bicycles as well as Manhattan Cruisers and Free Agent BMX bicycles. Please check out our other bicycle lines.View our catalogue below or visit the KHS website: 

Inspired Trials Bikes

Inspired trials bikes come out of the U.K and are the proven choice for Danny Macaskill, Trials riding extraordinaire and Youtube sensation! Inspired’s are the name in street trials and we are the shop with the biggest stock, Everything from the Skye to the Element.

Check them out at

Surly Bikes

Surly designs and produces durable, versatile bikes, frames, & parts for people who ride a lot. No B.S. Unless you deserve it. We carry the Troll, Ogre, Moonlander, Pugsley, Long Haul Trucker, Disc trucker, Cross Check, Karate Monkey and the Pacer . If you’d like a Surly, we can get it for you.


Pronounced as /nɜrv/ or [nurv], is a leading maker of high quality cruiser bicycles. Based in Huntington Beach, California, Nirve has been making fashion bicycles since 1999. In addition to our own extensive line of bicycles, we have partnered with leading lifestyle brands and artists such as Paul Frank, Hello Kitty, Coca-Cola, Robert August, Barris Kustoms, Corey Miller, as well as others, to bring a unique blend of fun and fashion to the sport of cycling.

Manhattan Bikes

Manhattan bikes are our in house brand for cruiser bikes. Manhattan’s offer great comfort and a great rider experience. We carry all models and styles so if you like to try a Manhattan cruiser, feel free to drop by any time for a test ride!

NS Bikes

NS bikes has taken the street/dirt jump market by storm for the past few years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Known for there over-the-top colours and graphics, they’ve found a place to stay in the seen. We carry all models and after market parts. Check them out at

Flybikes BMX

Since their beginnings in 1999 in Vigo, Spain, Flybikes, through a pure love of BMX have been committed to providing the newest technologies & latest innovations in the ever-changing face of BMX, refining what’s considered normal & molding the future of your passion & the ultimate goal. The best ride possible!… sitio web >

Freeagent Bmx

Freeagent BMX bikes started in the BMX race world and have expanded to the street/park world now as well. With riders from the Olympics to your local skate park, they have a bike for everyone.

 Subrosa BMX bikes 

Subrosa is another Bmx brand name we carry, Subrosa has been in the game for a while now, their bikes have a nice feel, stealth paint jobs and a nice parts pack to boot. Their pro team has names like Hoang Tran and Lahsaan Kobza. They have a vast price range so if your looking for a beginner bike or a pro level bike they have a bike for you. Give Them a look-see at

Sunday BMX bikes

In 2005 Sunday BMX launched and quickly become the brand to have, by implementing features like hollow dropouts, Wave tubing, 41-Thermal® heat-treating, and a level of detail in their design and manufacturing steps that had never been seen before, Sunday quickly became known for groundbreaking technical innovations and modern frame designs. We carry all Sunday models and after market parts. Website >

Cult BMX

Cult BMX started a few years back and has build a pretty good name for themselves. With Pro riders like Dakota Roche, Chase Hawk and Alex Kennedy, they have been pushing the BMX world forward. We carry all the models and after market parts from Cult and would more than happy to order anything you’d like from them. Check out the Boys at Cult at

Second hand bicycles 

We have hundreds in stock with ranges from recreational to performance. All styles and colours available, Road, mountain, kids, commuter and BMX!

Vintage/Antique bicycles

We have Vintage/Antique bikes and parts in stock as well, ranging from 1850’s to 1980’s.


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