Schwinn Hollywood Ladies

A really cool (and heavy!) bike in person, this Hollywood is equipped with a 3 speed hub and a period speedometer.

Peugeot Touring Bike

In contrast to all the Canadian and American cruisers, here's a 1950s Peugeot Touring Bike. Relatively light weight, geared, and outfitted with all the accessories; this bike reflects the European approach to sensible touring and daily use bikes even fifty years ago. A versatile bike that's light on 'excess.'

American Balloon Tire Bike

Beehive suspension fork.

American Cruiser

Sunshine Mens Bike

CCM Continental

This is a late 50's CCM Continental 3 speed (and generator) with an aftermarket shifter added. A classy bike!

Roadmaster Luxury Liner

A men's Roadmaster Luxury Liner. What an appropriate name, this thing is a boat! Probably one of the heaviest bikes in the shop.

Roadmaster Luxury Liner Ladies

CCM Mens Bike

A nice CCM mens 3 speed coaster brake bike.

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