Mercury Middleweight

Rapido Muscle Bike

The bike that started it all here at the shop. This came out of a dusty barn 10 years ago and has since been accessorized and modified. It's the bike that began the whole muscle bike collection. Made in Czechoslovakia.

Murray Eliminator Mark 4

A really cool 24" muscle bike with wrap around chainguard, reflector headbadge and 5 speed stick shift.

Sears Spyder

A cool 24" muscle bike with period rear rack.

xxxx Tiger Cat

A really nice example of a simple single speed muscle bike. Fade paintjob and Turino 500 rear tire complete this bike's look.

CCM Mustang Marauder

An accessorized Marauder example, these are generally found as yellow 3 speeds with standard apehangers.

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