1897 ladies bicycle

Our Pennyfarthing

Our 1890's Pennyfarthing (or Ordinary Bicycle).

Another 'teens bike

1910s Mens wooden wheel bicycle

1920s Hawthorne Flyer

Complete with toolbox tank and siren horn.

1930s Balloon tire bike

1930s CCM mens Twin Bar

1936 CCM Flyte

One of our crown jewels, a 1936 CCM Flyte with Troxel tool box saddle. This bike was only sold for five years, and only came with the tool box saddle and curved forks for the first few. The basis of the design was to make a smooth riding, aerodynamic looking bicycle. For more info, please see: Also, we are looking for a rear fender reflector for this bike. Please e-mail us if you have one available.

CCM Motorbike

CCM Twin Bar

CCM Delivery Bike

A CCM Delivery bike with the original built in front basket in tact.

Schwinn Wizzer

This is a Schwinn Wizzer platform; the raw bike on which a gas engine would be mounted. Unfortunately the engine kits are often worth more than the rest of the bike! A project in the works.

Ladies Columbia

Nice original paint and graphics.

Ladies Rollfast

Nice bike with the raised headbadge details.

American Cruiser

American Twinbar Bike

CCM Mens Bike

CCM Ladies Bike

American Ladies Bike

With skirtguard!

Sunshine Ladies Bike

Schwinn Hollywood Ladies

A really cool (and heavy!) bike in person, this Hollywood is equipped with a 3 speed hub and a period speedometer.

Peugeot Touring Bike

In contrast to all the Canadian and American cruisers, here's a 1950s Peugeot Touring Bike. Relatively light weight, geared, and outfitted with all the accessories; this bike reflects the European approach to sensible touring and daily use bikes even fifty years ago. A versatile bike that's light on 'excess.'

American Balloon Tire Bike

Beehive suspension fork.

American Cruiser

Sunshine Mens Bike

CCM Continental

This is a late 50's CCM Continental 3 speed (and generator) with an aftermarket shifter added. A classy bike!

Roadmaster Luxury Liner

A men's Roadmaster Luxury Liner. What an appropriate name, this thing is a boat! Probably one of the heaviest bikes in the shop.

Roadmaster Luxury Liner Ladies

CCM Mens Bike

A nice CCM mens 3 speed coaster brake bike.

Peugeot Ladies Bike

A beautiful early sixties ladies bike, 650B wheel size with white tires. The front derailleur setup is not original, but otherwise the bike is in very clean original condition, and has many attractive details. Must be seen to be fully appreciated.

Schwinn Tiger

Raleigh Chopper

A purple 3 speed model.

Columbia Fire Arrow

Another Middleweight in black and white.

Schwinn Fleet

Another American middleweight, this one's got its original tank, fenders and rear rack.

Glider Fastback 100

The Chopper was introduced to Canada as the Glider 100. 3 speed and orange coloured is how you usually find this bike. Email or call us if you're looking for Chopper/Glider parts.

Huffy The Rail

One of the coolest muscle bikes out there, with an extra long frame, 5 speed console stick shift and a super wide slick tire. Not sold in Canada.

Supercycle Wildcat

A 24" 3 speed Supercycle, for the older kids who still wanted that muscle car style.

Glider Fastback XT101

A Raleigh Chopper in disguise, the Glider Fastbacks were sold at Eaton's in Canada. The entire Chopper line up was renamed for Canada, and also got some special colours and graphics. This XT101 model is a 3 speed, probably sold in xxxx. We have a good selection of parts for Choppers/Fastbacks here at the shop. Call us if you're looking for something.

CCM Mustang

A very early Mustang from 1966. This is a 2 speed bike with a 'kick back' hub, so it keeps that clean cableless appearance. CCM caught on quickly after Schwinn introduced the Sting-Ray; they brought the Mustang out in 1965.

Columbia Playbike 88

Iverson Road Runner

Huffy Speed Flite

CCM Twin Bar

CCM Mens Bike

American Middleweight

Ladies CCM

Raleigh Delivery Bike

Mercury Middleweight

Rapido Muscle Bike

The bike that started it all here at the shop. This came out of a dusty barn 10 years ago and has since been accessorized and modified. It's the bike that began the whole muscle bike collection. Made in Czechoslovakia.

Murray Eliminator Mark 4

A really cool 24" muscle bike with wrap around chainguard, reflector headbadge and 5 speed stick shift.

Sears Spyder

A cool 24" muscle bike with period rear rack.

xxxx Tiger Cat

A really nice example of a simple single speed muscle bike. Fade paintjob and Turino 500 rear tire complete this bike's look.

CCM Mustang Marauder

An accessorized Marauder example, these are generally found as yellow 3 speeds with standard apehangers.

Colorado Cruiser

A very early mountain bike.

1980s Itera Plastic Bike - Sweden

This is one of 30,000 Swedish Itera bikes, designed and built in the 1980's to demonstrate the potential of building a bike out of plastic. It was a failure after 3 years, and the left over bikes were sold to the West Indies. For more info, head to:

Schwinn Orange Krate reproduction

Reproduced in the late '90's and sold at Schwinn dealers, this is a better reproduction than those made of the Sting Rays just a few years ago.

KHS Team

KHS Team hardtail made from True Temper OX Ultra II, custom built as a single speed.

Fisher MTB

An old Fisher mountain bike in near mint condition. This is from before they were called Gary Fishers.

Rocky Mountain Blizzard

An early Blizzard with Cook Brothers cranks and XT all round.

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