2010 Backpeddling Party

Unfortunately the party was such short notice but it was the small window of time we had to organize and make this event happen. We had a customer appreciation night, staff Christmas party and a going away party for Nick at NV lounge downtown Guelph. For all the people that weren’t able to attend or that were not aware of it I do apologize. We will have a big 10 year celebration again this summer, so be sure not to miss out. Anyway, the party was great and I’d like to thank everyone for showing up and making it a huge success. Thanks to our great suppliers ( KHS, Ryder distribution, Norco and Lambert) who all donated a ton of great raffle prizes to help us raise money for Nick in his move to Orillia, Ont. We managed to raise almost 800.00 for him and his family. All our customers and staff have had 8 great years to get to know Nick and are sad to see him go. We wish him the very best in his new venture. We had a few prizes that were not claimed, so here are the ticket numbers. If this is you please bring your ticket in and claim your prizes.

Gore cycling gloves # 303430

Fox gloves # 303663

Detours pannier # 303665

Again thanks to all our customers and suppliers for their support over the last 10 years; we look forward to seeing everyone in the new season.

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