First ever canadian pro rider signature BMX

Onslow Mountain native Drew Bezanson’s signature DK Helio colorway BMX bike is now on the market. It’s the latest entry on the 21-year-old’s list of accomplishments in what some call Drew thousand ten. Matt Veno – Truro Daily News

Bezanson’s bike is here

Even his DK Helio signature colourway BMX bike.

The 21-year-old Truro resident could have graced the replica edition of his competition bike with the best parts money could buy. But he decided on some less expensive components, so young riders could actually afford it.

“He could have put on the best cranks, the best wheels, used the lightest frame. That would have meant the bike was $1,000 or more and in Drew’s mind there wouldn’t have been as many of them out there,” said Bruce Roberts, owner of Hub Cycle in Truro, where Bezanson’s signature model retails for $499. “He wanted the average kid who wanted to get into BMX, but didn’t want to break the bank, to be able to afford his signature bike.”

The black and green ride recently arrived at the store after being officially released in mid-November and Roberts said he couldn’t wait to get it. Having Bezanson’s replica bike sitting in his store is ironic, considering it was the place where the Onslow Mountain resident would visit 10 years ago looking for parts as someone just getting into the sport.

Bezanson is now one of the hottest names in BMX. He was recently named this year’s NORA Cup winner as best ramp rider of the year as chosen by his peers at an awards show in Las Vegas. He collected three wins at the Simpel Session in Tallinn, Estonia, the Toronto BMX Jam and the Jomopro in Missouri, prompting some to start calling this year Drew thousand ten. He also qualified for his first X-Games, competed on the AST Dew Tour and did lots of filming and internet videos.

To top it off, he’s also on the cover of the next issue of Ride BMX, a worldwide BMX magazine that hits shelves Dec. 21. Bezanson is currently in the middle east, performing for troops there.

But Roberts said getting a signature model from a manufacturer is the ultimate high in a pro rider’s career.

“To have a kid from Truro, let alone Nova Scotia or even Eastern Canada, to have a bicycle by one of the pro companies is absolutely huge,” he said. “There will be kids buying this bike in the U.S., parts of Europe, all over the place. They all know who Drew Bezanson is.”

And so do the kids coming to the store to see the bike.

“In kid terminology, we hear the word ‘sick’ a lot,” Roberts laughed when talking about their reactions.

“Quite a few kids specifically come in asking, ‘Where’s the Drew bike?'”

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