So if you don’t know who POC is, well you should get researching them. POC is turning the helmet and self protection world on its head. From downhill mountain bike racing to back county snowboarding, they have the best helmets to protect ones head or any other body part for that matter. POC has been on the forefront of helmet technologies for years now, they have everything from a progressive core (which means the outer core being harder than the inner liner which makes for great slow and fast impacts) to a “MIPS” system. MIPS-system allows for a small rotation of the outer shell relative to the inner liner which in turn reduces the rotational energy transmitted to the brain on impact. So in less technical terms, MIPS shows a significant reduction in concussions and brain injuries from a major impact. They also carry full body protection from your ankles to your shoulders; all body protection is equipped with Visco Elastic Polymer Dough or VPD for short. VPD is a foam with great damping properties; when exposed to an impact the foam will stiffen and absorb then displace the impact energy.┬áPOC has never compromised safety and never will. Period. For more info, hit them up at www.pocsports.com


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