Lil’Sneak Peek for 2013, Fairdale Bikes !

Fairdale bikes is a new company to the cycling world, started by a pro BMXer Taj Mihelich, with the main vision for the bikes to be simple, solid and extremely fun to ride. With their steel frames, cool graphics and a variety of parts packages, they have something for the urban commuter to the country explorer. If the parts on the completes aren’t something you’d run or what to start from the frame up, they have you covered as well, with a single speed and multi speed frame available. Fairdale also kept the local skaters in mind with the “skaterack” and custom Roger deck they produce and yes, the Skaterack is designed to carry your board on your bike. So if you want to hit up a shot across town without killing your legs getting there, this rack is for you!

Fairdale Roger limited Edition

Backpeddling will carrying all the goodies Fairdale has to offer in 2013 and can’t wait to get some people out and about enjoying their bikes.

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